Penniless Man Tries To Swim From Cebu To Bohol To Attend A Relative’s Funeral

Poverty is one of the reasons why some people have to do things they are not supposed to do. An epitome of that proposition is Mang Angco- the man identified who swims his way from Cebu to Bohol to reach to a relative who passed away. 

Can’t Afford To Buy A Ticket 

Without sufficient money to spend for a ticket, Ceferini Angco was spotted by the coast guard floating along Talisay Port in Cebu. The poor man is seen armed with styrofoam to keep him afloat. The event happened in November 2018.

The sea authorities came to rescue and help the poor man out of the water. They even provide him dry clothes to use. Ceferino then was put to questioning where the authorities found out that he needs to get to Bohol to attend a relative’s wake. Angco has no single penny to buy a ticket, so he swims his way to attend the funeral. 

A Long Night For Angco 

The authorities came to know too that the man has been swimming for 9 hours already. He intends to start swimming the 11:30 pm the night before so that he won’t be seen in broad daylight. 

A Good Samaritan 

The news about Mang Ceferino reached Jojo Bacaitos, a public official from Talisay, Cebu City. He sends help for Angco, providing him a ticket to Bohol and food accommodation. The poor man is so much thankful to the people who whole-heartedly helped to give him aid. 

Angco’s heart and will are so strong that despite some things are impossible, he paves his way and meet the challenge. His story is touching, and that real danger is in no way can stop him. Whatever it takes, he’ll get to it as long as it is for his family. 

What can you say about Mang Ceferino’s strong guts to swim on the open sea to get to his relatives in Bohol? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: Trend Zilla

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