Terry Crews’ Muscle Controlled Drum Commercial Is Hilarious!

Former professional football player, actor, and America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews got the viewers laughing with his newest commercial for Old Spice deodorants. His muscular and ripped body was connected to a drum kit and he performed a drum session by just flexing his muscles.

20-Piece Drum Kit

In this hilariously funny advertisement brought to us by Old Spice deodorants, actor Terry Crews does a drum performance by using only his muscles. His full body was connected by sensors to a 20 piece drum set, and he produces the sound by flexing his muscles. Viewers can only guess which muscle is connected to which drum because there are so many sounds being produced by the hulking actor.

photo courtesy of Youtube

Despite his mature age, Terry Crews has managed to take care of his physique, which is the envy of a lot of men out there. His ripped body is in full display in the video, but it was all done cleanly and beautifully, focusing on the funny way he supposedly controls the drums using his muscles.

Funny Commercial

The advertisement have caused a stir because it was really hilarious. Old Spice definitely succeeded in getting the attention of viewers with their latest commercial and Terry Crews did a good job acting as the muscled drum performer.

Aside from the drum kit, there is also a giant wailing head that looks like a creepy version of the actor, as well as three flaming saxophones, that gave away the hint that all this connected sensors are just for show.

Fake But Entertaining

Despite the fact that the performance is merely a show, it still is entertaining to say the least. We can be sure that Old Spice is likewise laughing it’s wat to the bank. The sales of its deodorants may increase due to the popularity of the advertisement.

What makes it more entertaining is that Old Spice let the viewers do their own music using Terry Crews’ muscles. They made Vimeo video where users can upload their music using the actor’s pulsating and musically inclined muscles.

Source: Youtube

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