#FamilyGoals: Story of Seafaring Family Wows Netizens

#FamilyGoals is what characterizes the Martinez Family from Cebu. Khevin Martinez shared in his Facebook post, 

“We are born to sail.”

The viral photo shows the success of Martinez parents for raising their five kids who are now successful seafarers. 


The father, Rafael Martinez, was a second mate on an international ship while he became a Captain locally. Rafael is now a retiree and enjoying the fruits of his labor. However, the legacy does not end with the father when his five kids took the same course and became successful seafarers too. 

The Martinez Parents 

On the other hand, Rafael’s wife, Divina Martinez stays at home and be alone for a couple of years while her kids and husband are on board. By the time Rafael retired from his career, the two are now enjoying their time together. As if making up for the months and years, they didn’t get to spend. The two are still on a career track where Rafael serves as a barangay captain and Divina as a barangay councilor. It is their calling to help the people in their barangay. 

It Runs In The Blood 

There are instances that parents used to choose what career path their kids should have. Some are even forced to do so. But for Martinez family, it is not the case nor an issue. The five are willingly and wholeheartedly wanted to be seafarers like their dad. Their mother wanted them to try a different path like engineering or nursing. But it seems like their dad’s passion runs in the family; hence, all Martinez kids became seafarers. They all graduated in Cebu where they grew up. 

Family Photo 

Just recently, everyone in the family gets a chance to be home, which they took as a perfect time to pose for a photo. The younger woman and the two kids in the picture is the family of Khevin’s eldest brother. 

Martinez family is such an inspiration, don’t you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: The Summit Express

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