Former Scavenger Living In A Dumpster Graduates With Honors, Earns Scholarship To An Australian University

A girl who once scavenges trash to be sold for food, did not let poverty get in the way of her dreams. This same girl just recently graduated iwth top honors in her school, and has earned the privilege of getting into a prestigious Australian university through a scholarship grant.

Value Of Education

In the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, lives the family of Sophy Ron. they live in a dumpster and makes do with scavenging the trash to look for things to be sold for food. At age 11, Sophy haven’t even experienced going to school. She worked all day to satisfy her family’s empty stomachs.

photo courtesy of CCF

The Cambodian Children’s Fund, a non- profit organization helping impoverished children get out of the dumps and into school found the 11-year-old Sophy, they were surprised that she never had any formal education at her age. But Sophy surprised everyone when she was able to cope up with the lessons.

Diamond In The Rough

It’s really a blessing that the CCF was able to find Sophy Ron and brought her to school. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have discovered her intelligence. She excelled in her school and graduated as a Valedictorian.

photo courtesy of CCF

With the help given by CCF to Sophy Ron, coupled with the dedication she gave to excel in her studies, it is easy to forsee the good fortune that awaits the young lady. Because of her intelligence, she was given a scholarship to study at one of the prestigiouss universities in Australia.

An Inspiration

What is more heartwarming is that Sophy Ron never failed to look back to her humble beginnings, and is determined to help in her own little way to give back to society especially those who lives in poverty, just like she once was.

She said that while waiting for her classes to start, she will go back to the dumpsters to help the Cambodian Children’s Fund talk with the kids there in the hope of taking them out from that place and into the classrooms where they really belong.

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