Couple Who Met Through Mobile Legends, Now Engaged To Be Married

While the general stereotype for the online game Mobile Legends is that it ruins relationships since the players are too caught up with the game, the story of this couple is the exact opposite. They met through Mobile Legends, fell for each other, and are now engaged to be married.

ML o Ako?

The popularity of the phrase “ML o Ako?”, a line from a fed-up girlfriend who asks her love to choose his priority, whether to pursue his game or pursue their relationship led to people concluding that ML and Love don’t really mix well.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Lou Dela Serna

People say that due to the time spent on the game, most players couldn’t focus on other things, more so a relationship. That is the negative connotation that people have on people playing Mobile Legends. Critics say that ML players couldn’t carry a relationship, because they are in love with the game itself.

Defying The Odds

But for the couple Lou Dela Serna and boyfriend Renz Reyes, they proved everyone wrong. They met through Mobile Legends, fell in love with each other while playing the game, and defied the odds and are now engaged to be married, thanks to the same game.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Lou Dela Serna

The fact that they are both avid ML players may have contributed to the fact why their relationship worked because they understand each other’s priority and they both risked their hearts to make it work.

Happy Ending

Lou Dela Serna said that it was not easy making the relationship work but it was worth all the risk. She said that Renz is the one she has always asked the Lord for. Renz also felt the same way, he said that people have always discouraged him on playing the game since he wouldn’t benefit from it, but what he got is a more than he asked for.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Lou Dela Serna

Their relationship has been through its ups and downs, but thanks to their love for each other, as well as the sacrifices they made along the way, they have proven the stereotype wrong. ML and Love can mix. And it mixes quite well.

Source: VirtualPinoy

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