NPO In Cebu Gives Rice, Goods In Exchange For Plastic Bottles And Wrappers

Have you felt the extreme heat of the sun this summer? It is almost unbearable! Have you noticed the weather changes? Well, that’s all on the climate change which nearly deteriorates our home. 

Climate Change 

Climate change is believed to be the adverse effect of billion tons of plastic waste produced on our planet. It has been an issue for quite a long time as the world gets progressive. Best way to help our planet is the proper segregation of waste- the re-use, reduce, and recycle. 

Plastic Barter Store 

A non-organization in Cebu City is now being commended for implementing such a unique offer to its community. Every kilo of plastic bottles and wrappers has a corresponding item that one can buy from the Plastic Barter Store. The store has the essential commodities that one needs like rice, sardines, clothes, and slippers. Amazingly, they also offer toys for the kids.

The Plastic Barter Store is one for the books! Not only it helps people to have their necessities in exchange for plastic wastes but primarily aims to help our Mother Nature. In return, keep the community clean and green.

Bringing People To Help Our Nature 

To anyone who wants to join the brigade, the organization requires to first clean the plastic bottles and the wrappers before handing it to them.  

Today, many scavenge hunters are availing this good deal with Plastic Barter Store. It is another way to get their basic needs. Kids are also engaged in the initiative to collect plastic bottles and wrappers in exchange for toys and new slippers. The Store is situated on Mabini St., Cebu City. 

An Impressive Act 

Such an impressive brigade for people who loves to help our Mother Nature in their little way. May this be an inspiration to many also to join the act and save the planet Earth. 

Great idea, isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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