Comedienne Pokwang Praises Grab Food Riders Who Helped Pay Co-Rider’s Cancelled Order

Actress and comedienne Pokwang took to Instagram to praise the Grabfood riders who helped their co-rider who was a victim of fake booking. The poor rider already bought the pizza ordered by the prankster but was cancelled before he can deliver it. Good thing his co-riders decided to contribute in paying for the price of the pizza and they munched it happily together.

Decent Way Of Living

Grabfood riders make our lives more convenient. Whenever our cravings got the better of us, we can just order from them and have it delivered at the comfort of our homes. It is just unfortunate that many of these Grabfood riders have become victims of “fake bookings”, where an alleged caller orders food from them and cancels it at the last minute when the rider has already paid for the food.

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These Grabfood riders are just trying to earn their keep in the most decent way possible, and it’s totally unfair for them to become victims of these pranksters who don’t seem to care about anyone as long as they get a kick out of it. These riders are fathers, brothers, and sons, who are simply trying to decently earn a living.

Brothers Got Your Back

In a Facebook post by netizen Jann Ashley Gabad and was shared by Pokwang in her Instagram account, a heartwarming photo of a group of Grabfood riders are happily munching a box of pizza. The photo seems joyous at best, but the story behind it is more inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Jann Ashley Gabad

A Grabfood rider was victimized by a “fake booking”, after he bought the pizza for a customer, the customer suddenly cancelled the order. When his co-riders found out about it, they just decided to contribute so that their co-rider can cover the cost of the pizza. In return, they happily munched on the slices of pizza.

Pokwang’s Advice

On Instagram, Pokwang reiterated the need for a better treatment to these Grabfood riders, who works hard so that we can conveniently eat the food we like to eat. They are the ones who orders, falls in line, and pay for the food that we otherwise couldn’t order if not for them.

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Pokwang also reminded us that we need to be grateful to these riders since they make our lives easier and more convenient. She also advised leaving a tip for them whenever we have a chance.

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