From P20 To Billions! Gokongwei’s ‘Rags To Riches’ Story Continues To Inspire People

John Gokongwei, Jr. recalls his rags to riches story when he recently received his Lifetime Achievement Award from his Alma Mater, the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. He is the third richest man in the country who owns several businesses such as the famous Universal Robina, Cebu Pacific, which is the largest airline in the Philippines, and Robinsons Malls. 

Rags To Riches Story 

Gokongwei was once a street vendor way back in his younger years. During the speech last Friday, he recalls how he wakes up early in the morning to sell threads, bar soaps, and candles. That was his everyday routine. 

The 92-year old billionaire shared, 

“I earned about P20 a day by working longer and harder than everybody else. But it didn’t matter since I really loved my work. I loved being an entrepreneur,” 

He then said, 

“And so all through the years, I stayed as an entrepreneur, loving what I did and working hard. And always learning from the school of life.”

Never Stop Learning 

Gokongwei’s love for being an entrepreneur keeps him up-to-date will all his businesses. He still gets to enjoy working despite his age. 

“Today, I am 92 years old. I still wake up early and I still love to do what I’m doing. I still know everything what is going on in my company. I still love to learn and am always reading books, and now, online stories in this new digital age.” 

Pieces of Advice From The Billionaire 

In his speech, he left pieces of advice to his family and colleagues. 

“I always tell my children, my grandchildren, and my colleagues: Love your work. Work hard for it. Love your family. Love your country. Never stop learning. And always look back and be grateful to where you came from.”

Do you also agree with Gokongwei that the way to be successful is to love our work and never stop learning? We think so too! Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: The Summit Express

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