Fishball Cart With CCTV Cameras Goes Viral

While CCTV cameras are a huge addition to a business’ security, it can also be quite costly. The price of the cameras, the internet connection needed and the installation of the units can be a bit pricey. So when customers and passers-by saw the CCTV cameras installed in the fishball stand of a fishball vendor in Blumentritt, Manila, they couldn’t help but be amazed.


A fishball vendor became viral on social media because of his high-tech approach to security for his business. In his fishball stall in Blumentritt, Manila, everyone can see a couple of CCTV cameras installed on his makeshift stall.

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While it may be true that some of the customers may have gotten away with free fishballs and all, it is quite improbable for the CCTV cameras to be really operational. First, it is quite complicated to install a CCTV camera on a mobile store, it requires a number of pieces of equipment, which is not cheap, to say the least.

It’s Too Costly

First off, the price of the CCTV camera is in the thousands, which is quite a big investment if you’re into the fishball business. Plus, you have to have a pocket Wi-Fi, in order to view the cameras from your smartphone.

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If you add all the costs of operating the CCTV cameras, it would be much cheaper to have a few customers cheat you, rather than go through all the labor of installing a security camera. So it is much more believable to say that the CCTV cameras in the fishball store are just there for decoration.

Good Vibes!

The netizens, of course, did not take the viral photo seriously. In fact, many of them were delighted and entertained by the quirky presence of the CCTV cameras in the stall. The customers eating there must be unconsciously disturbed because they thought they are being monitored while eating.

Netizens likewise gave some funny reactions to the post. One said that he was a neighbor of the vendor and that he was the one who installed it, after which he said that he was just kidding. Another said that those who cheat should suffer from stomachache.

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