Kindergarten Principal Fired After Doing A Pole Dance At A School Ceremony

A pre-school principal, who decided to showcase her pole-dancing prowess in front of kindergarten pupils and shocked parents at a school ceremony in Shenzhen, China was immediately fired from her job. Her rather “unique” way of welcoming students back to school didn’t bode well to the horrified parents and led to her dismissal from her position.

Flag Pole Dancing

Every year at the Xinshahui Kindergarten in Shenzhen, China, they hold a welcome ceremony for all the parents and pupils to welcome them back for the new school year. Usually, they invite an alumni or a principal to do some motivational speeches to inspire the students and their families.

video courtesy of Twitter/Michael Standaert

The parents, and the students got the shock of their life, when a principal decided to do a provocative and sexy pole dance in front of the children and parents. Interestingly, the pole used by the principal in dancing is the very same flag pole bearing the Chinese flag.

Shocked And Horrified

Upon seeing the “inappropriate” dance by the principal, the parents were outraged and threatened to pull their children out of the school. They described the event as a “horrific viewing experience” which can cause adverse effects on their young children.

video courtesy of Twitter/Michael Standaert

Because of this unethical and uncalled for performance by the principal, the school authorities decided to fire her immediately. When one of the pupil’s parents called her to ask her reason why she did it, the principal just said that it’s a good exercise and hung up.

So Not Cool

The ceremony was attended by more than 500 students aged 3-6 years old, so the performance was not in any way appropriate for them. The 100 or so parents in attendance likewise said that it was done in bad taste. Even the netizens have poured in their negative feedback regarding the shocking intermission number.

According to parents, this was not the first time that the school had inappropriate incidents. Last year, there were 10 days of military activities where guns and mortars are displayed in the schoolyards.


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