Passengers Came In Defense After Arrogant Wife Humiliated An Old Man Inside A Jeepney

People often judge us by the way we look. Underestimated. In public, when one looks like a beggar, it is an initiative for some people to get away from that person. It’s either he’ll beg money or a pickpocket. A harsh reality, but it is true. However, we can say that faith in humanity still exists because of kind-hearted people. 

Humiliated Old Man 

A netizen’s post went viral after one arrogant humiliated an older man inside a jeepney. The arrogant woman is identified as the driver’s wife, who kept muttering harsh words referring to the man. Renzel Lopez Sobrepena, one of the passengers shared how she get angered when the arrogant wife humiliated the old man. 

She took to Facebook how it made her exhausting day more tiring than usual. Renzel recalls how she and the wife got into a verbal fight when she could not take any of the latter’s humiliation. 

Passengers Defend The Old Man 

Renzel warned not to harass the man, and so she paid for the senior’s fare. Surprisingly, the woman and her co-passengers were shocked when the driver turns the jeep into a halt. The driver commands the old man to go down from the vehicle. A student then demands, 

“Wala pang Monumento kuya, binayaran naman siya ni Ate ha.” 

In which, Renzel seconded, 

“Bayad ho yan, paglalakarin nyo siya hanggang Monumento, eh binayaran ko na siya!” 

The other passengers also voiced out their sentiments against the driver and his wife, 

“Pwede ho kayong kasuhan sa ginagawa niyo dahil Senior na to.”

In defense, Renzel said,


Respect and Love 

Everyone deserves respect and so as our seniors. They are the ones who have surpassed the hardships in life and has seen life in many ways. Seniors deserve to be loved and be taken care of. They should not be humiliated and judged by the way they look and smell. After all, it has been a harsh world already. We do not need any more negativities in life. Instead, respect and love each other. 

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