Pitiful State Of An Outdoor Wake Arouses Netizens’ Anger, Generosity

The viral photo of an outdoor wake says it all. Even in the time of death, money dictates everything. Due to lack of money, a bereaved family was forced to hold their loved one’s funeral in a basketball court. The funeral wouldn’t fit their makeshift home, and the chapel nearby wouldn’t allow them since they don’t have money to pay.

Outdoor Wake

A poor family from Sambat in San Pascual, Batangas lost a loved one from sickness. Due to lack of space in their makeshift home, they couldn’t hold the funeral of their father there. A nearby chapel likewise declined because they don’t have any money to pay. So the family was forced to put their father’s casket in an open basketball court.

Photo credit: Mohan Schzeik / Facebook

A netizen saw the pitiful state of the outdoor wake and decided to take a photo and post it on social media. In the photo, a pair of young boys are looking in the casket, with a few chairs nearby and a water dispenser and some gallons of water at hand.

Outraged Netizens

The photo went viral and the netizens couldn’t help but express their emotions over the sad state that the family is having. They have lost their loved one, and now they are losing their dignity since they couldn’t even give a proper funeral for their father.

The netizens slammed the chapel nearby for not allowing the funeral at their place, but instead of putting the blame on anyone, the netizens decided to just do something about the situation. And help the bereaved family.

Photo credit: Conrado Magbato / Facebook

Help Poured In

One of the councilors of the area came and put up some tents in order to protect the casket from heat as well as the torrential rains. A lot of people also arrived and paid their last respect to the dearly departed. The local government also made sure that a proper burial was made in Bauan Catholic Cemetery days later.

Photo credit: Conrado Magbato / Facebook

For the family of Tatay Rolando, who lived a hard but decent life, they are thankful to those people who helped them make a decent wake for their loved one.

Source: Buzzflare.com

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