First Human-Robot Ai-Da Holds First Art Exhibit At The University of Oxford

Technology is progressive and has been continuously improving over the years. Science has created robots, artificial intelligence for some, and now humanoids. How is it possible that seemingly human robots are now capable of doing the things that we do as humans? 

First Artistic Humanoid Robot 

Well, the first humanoid robot called Ai-Da is now holding her first art exhibit called “Unsecured Futures.” 

Ai-Da, the first ever artistic humanoid robot, has an ongoing art exhibit called “Unsecured Future.” It is Ai-Da’s first-ever art exhibition that runs from June 12 to July 6 at the University of Oxford. She is engineered with artificial intelligence, which means that she can paint, draw, and build sculptures. 

Ai-Da’s Creators and Builders 

Ai-Da was first launched in February. She was named after Ada Lovelace who happens to be the first female computer programmer. The inventor of Ai-Da is Aidan Meller, a gallery director. She is claimed as the “first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist.”

Engineered Arts, the Cornish robotics company, was the creator of Ai-Da’s built and design. However, the students from the University of Leeds were the ones who created her capability to draw. 

How Do Ai-Da works?

A camera is installed in Ai-Da’s eyes which intends to capture images. Then, the algorithms will send or flow through her arms to function. 

According to the creators, Ai-Da is their response to the vast changes that are currently happening to the world. “Mechanical robot” is how the creators see Ai-Da, unreal, and have no feelings. But she is considered to be the proof that tells that there was a period where trans-human biotechnology is possible. 

Sold Out 

Currently, Ai-Da’s inaugural exhibition is sold out. In her performance show, the audience was invited to cloth her robotic body with real human clothing. 

It sounds exciting to see Ai-Da performing real arts, isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: Definitely Filipino

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