Young Iranian Girl Has An IQ Higher Than Albert Einstein!

An 11-year-old Iranian lad recently surpassed the Mensa “genius” test rating of 140 and scored higher than renowned geniuses Albert Einstein and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. The young girl took the Mensa supervised IQ test and scored an astonishing 162. Einstein and Hawking, on the other hand, both have an IQ level of 160.

Young Genius

For generations, Albert Einstein has been recognized as one of the smartest individuals in the world. His Theory of Relativity has become the backbone of Modern Physics and his legacy continued years after his death. Stephen Hawkings, on the other hand, is a cosmologist, theoretical physicists, and author, who many regards as one of the greatest minds of the modern era.

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The IQ levels of these two renowned individuals are both 160. So it was quite a shock for the 11-year-old Tara Sharifi when she found out that she outperformed these two geniuses. In a Mensa supervised IQ test, she got a score of 162, which is the maximum possible score for people under 18 years old.

In Good Company

Even the parents of the young Iranian girl were happily surprised with the result of their child’s exam. While they have an inkling that their daughter is special, they did not expect her IQ level to outbest Einstein or Hawking.

“I am extremely proud but very surprised at how well Tara scored. I figured she might do well when we watch TV and she would get Math questions before the contestants.” Tara’s father explained.

High IQ Society

Because of her astonishing achievement, Tara is now qualified to be a member of Mensa, likewise known as the High IQ Society. She said she is very excited to meet people that share the same gift that she has.

“It will be a great opportunity to meet other people within the Mensa system.”

Source: Trendzilla

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