The World’s First Surviving Septuplets Are Now 21 Year’s Old!

It was the year 1997 when the couple Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey made worldwide headlines when they became the first ever parents to concieve and give birth to 7 surviving babies. Twenty one years after, the septuplets are all grown up and leading a life of their own.

Septuplet Blessings

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey are just your average married couple. Back in 1996, Bobbi gave birth to their first daughter Mikayla. They noticed that they were having a hard time conceiving so they went to a doctor for help, and was given a fertility medicine called Pergonal.

photo courtesy of Today Show

They felt elated after Bobbi got pregnant after using Pergonal. Little did they know that the medicine worked a bit too well for Bobbi, because when they had their routine check-up, doctors found 7 embryos in Bobbi’s womb. Despite warnings that the babies are at risk of having abnormalities or might die, the couple decided to push through with the pregnancy.

photo courtesy of The Des Moines Register

Strong Support System

On November 19,1997, more than 40 specialists worked together as Bobbi underwent a Caesarian section which went on successfully. She gave birth to four boys, and three girls, the first ever surviving septuplet ever recorded.

photo courtesy of ABC News

The septuplets were born immature, and had to stay in the hospital for months. Prayers and help poured in from all over the world. They enjoyed nationwide support and even then president Bill Clinton called the couple to congratulate them. Donations to support the children likewise poured in.

Adults Now

It is such an amazement that all the children are now adults and are living a life of their own. Although they have managed to stay close together, they have their own paths that they have chosen, and they have been brought up as decent, and god-fearing adults.

photo courtesy of Today Show

The McCaughey couple said that it was never easy to bring up 7 children all at the same time, but with the great support system that their friends and people provide, their jobs as parents became easier. Bobbi also proclaimed that Faith is the rock that holds them together as a family.


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