Future Looks Bright: Young Students Contribute To Feed Hungry Boy, Bought Him Slippers And Toy, Too.

Just when everyone thought that the children of today have lost all the care in the world due to the isolation brought about by technology, a group of young students proved that there is hope for humanity, as they showed compassion for a boy, fed him, and bought him simple gifts for him to be happy.

Empathy, Not Apathy

The current trend today of children getting more and more hooked into online games and losing all social and physical interactions are worrying a lot of parents. They feel that because of technology, the youth of today are becoming so distant, and apathetic to their surroundings.

photo courtesy of Facebook / Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III 

There is no denying that there is a grain of truth in their worries. We are living in a world where there are taller buildings but shorter tempers, where there are more conveniences, but less time, and the very technology that allows us to be closer to people from far places is the same technology that keeps close people apart.

There Is Hope

There is hope. A group of student from Rosario, Cavite have just finished eating at a chicken stall near their school when they saw a little boy approach the fried chicken vendor and asked him if he can buy a piece for P4 pesos, which is all the money he has. The good-hearted vendor accepted the money and gave the hungry boy a piece.

photo courtesy of Facebook / Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III 

The students overheard the boy’s request and felt pity for the boy since he looked really hungry. They decided to buy the hungry boy a full meal. They also noticed that the boy is going to school barefooted and dirty, so they contributed to buy him a shirt and slippers. They also added a ball as a gift, for good measure.

photo courtesy of Facebook / Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III 

Not To Brag

According to the one who posted it on Facebook, the purpose of the post is not to brag and publicize their good deeds, but to inspire more people to help in their own little way. If we can help a single, barefoot schoolboy whose hungry, then we can make a difference in this world.

photo courtesy of Facebook / Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III 

Source: Facebook

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