Two Fish Vendors Splash Stinky Water To The Residents During ‘Basaan Festival’

Every city has its cultural traditions observed annually. Yesterday, San Juan city celebrated Wattah Wattah Festival or popularly known as Basaan Festival. The festival is the feast of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of San Juan.

Basaan Festival 

The Basaan festival is commemorated yesterday in San Juan, Metro Manila. The residents enjoy the festival by splashing water to their fellow neighbors and even on the passersby.

On the other hand, there are photos and videos uploaded on the internet showing how the San Juan people celebrate their yearly tradition. Even the passersby get to experience the “basaan” literally. However, if you cannot afford to reek with water, by all means avoid the place of celebration.

Viral Video 

Momon Paredes, a Facebook netizen was able to capture the video wherein two fish vendors took their revenge by splashing water to the residents.

Moreover, the water they splash to the bystanders are a bit stinky, perhaps cold water from the fish reserves. 

Paredes captioned the video with, 

“Ang Ganti ng Api [ Mag iisda Version ]
Malamig na, Malansa pa” 

Netizens find it funny on how the two fish vendors are able to respond to the celebration. Photos of residents plashing water on jeepney passengers went viral as well. Although it may be annoying for some, it is much better to change route for the day.

Saint John The Baptist 

The Filipinos used to commemorate the birth of St. John. According to the bible, St. John prepares and cleanses the people for the coming of Jesus through water baptism. Hence, the birth of the water festival. During the celebration, people freely splinter water to anyone as a custom tradition every 24th of June.

What can you say about the city’s tradition? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: Philippine News

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