Netizen Shares Horrible Experience With ‘Eat and Run’ Wedding Guests

Wedding is a sacred ceremony and a tear-jerker moment for a couple. A moment shared with the people close to the couple’s heart.  

Wedding Preparations 

Preparations for a wedding is not a walk in the park. It requires time, effort, and money. Others spend years to achieve their ultimate dream wedding. Not because they don’t want their guests to feel uncomfortable during the ceremony but to make everything worth remembering. 

A couple can say that everything is worth all the stress when they spend the big day with their loved ones. That’s what matters the most. But what if guests leave after eating from the ceremony? Is it still worth it? 

Eat and Run

Netizen Jes Sta Isabel posted a depressing photo showing an almost empty wedding ceremony. According to Jes, guests left after they eat. This particular wedding she points out, 200 guests were invited. Sadly, the guests did not wait to finish the program. The photo posted was captured during the cake cutting. There are no guests to clap and celebrate for the newlywed. Despite emcee’s plea to not leave after dining, he wasn’t heard at all. Other wedding traditions are conducted without the presence of most guests. 

A Heartfelt Lesson 

In her post, Jes left a heartfelt message to everyone. As a guest, please refrain from leaving early from the ceremony. At least finish the occasion as it was prepared with full effort by the hosts.

Always be the appreciative guest because it is a once in a lifetime moment for the couple.

Filipino Culture and Tradition 

Filipinos are known for being thoughtful and loving. Especially for their family and friends. Most of us participate in rare family occasions like weddings despite distance and busy schedules. That is why netizens can’t help but comment negatively in the viral post. 

What can you say about the guests’ rude act? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: Trending Ni Juan

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