Photographer Found Her Long Lost Father In The Most Peculiar Way!

Life was hard for Korean American photographer Diana Kim, whose parents separated when she was just five years old, and never saw his father since then. Her efforts to locate her father was unsuccessful until she found him in the most unexpected way. She was taking photos of homeless people as her subjects when she recognized one of them as her father.

The Subject

Diana Kim’s favorite subjects for her shoots are homeless people. In a way, she thinks she can relate to them based on her experiences from childhood. “I feel that I can understand their pain from a certain angle.”

photo courtesy of Good Times
photo courtesy of Good Times

“I know what it meant to be forgotten and abandoned. I also know the pain of not being able to get a stable life and economic freedom that I long because I have experienced it all.”

Surprise Of Her Life

Never did she imagine that she will find her father while taking photos of homeless people. She found him on the streets, alone and dirty. He was incoherent and didn’t seem to recognize her. She found out that he was living on the streets and has severe schizophrenia.

photo courtesy of Good Times
photo courtesy of Good Times

Having found the father that she was long been looking for, she was determined to make him a part of her life and vice versa. Despite his illness, she never lost hope that one day he would be able to recognize her as her daughter.

Closer Together

An incident somehow made them closer to each other. Her father suffered a heart attack and needed someone to take care of him. She readily took on the cudgels of looking after him, and before long, he slowly opened up to her.

photo courtesy of Good Times
photo courtesy of Good Times

Diana Kim’s father has since recovered from his illness and is now having a great time with her daughter. They were both very happy that they found each other, and are happy to start making memories together.


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