Blessings Pour For a Gasoline Boy After Helping A Stranger

People used to believe that doing a good deed will come back to you ten folds. It will come to you in the most bizarre way. A gasoline boy is the perfect proof of the statement after helping a stranger. 

Good Samaritan 

The 28-year old hardworking gasoline boy, Nkosikho Mbele was featured at Good Times after giving his best to help a stranger. Monet van Deventer was traveling when she runs out of gas. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring her bank cards at home; thus, no single cash at hand. Luckily, Deventer happens to bump into Mbele as the gasoline boy who willingly and wholeheartedly paid for her gas. For Monet to reach home, Nkosikho paid her $6.3 bill. 

Fund Raising For Nkosikho

Touched for what Nkosikho has done for her, Deventer came back for the gasoline boy. She started fundraising for Mbele as a way to return his goodness. The fundraising reached $32,972.94, which equates to 1.6 million in Philippine peso. This fund collection alone estimates as 8-year salary for Nkosikho, but he was able to get it out of goodness. 

A Man With A Good Heart 

In an interview with the gas boy, 

“I was just doing what anyone else would have done, from the heart. I believe there is no black and white and that we are all one people and I just want to bring people together.” 

He then adds,

“I know how dangerous that stretch of the N2 is that she wanted to travel and my faith in God told me it was the right thing to pay for her to travel safely so I bought her fuel for her,” 

The pouring of blessings does not stop there. Shell, the gas company where Mbele works gave their share to the chosen charity of Mbele. 

Monet and Nkosikho’s story is inspiring, isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: The Trending Planet

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