Couple’s Wedding Went Viral Due To Extravagant “Pabitins” Given By Sponsors

Here in the Philippines, each region has their own wedding culture and ceremonies. Recently, a wedding in Lingayen, Pangasinan went viral after a photo of the bride and groom wearing long “pabitins” consisting of mostly 1,000 peso bills were circulated on social media. Netizens were amazed at how generous the sponsors are, and how the pabitins took the spotlight from an otherwise ordinary wedding.

Bliss Of Marriage

One of the happiest moments in a couple’s life is obviously the day of their matrimony. It is the day they exchange their vows, and promise to each other that they will love one another through thick and thin, and through poorer and richer.

photo courtesy of Facebook/ Mc Kevin

Speaking of richer, a newly wed couple, surely went home a couple of thousands richer. A photo that went viral online shows the couple wearing a “pabitin” full of 1000 peso bills. It’s too long it has reached the floor. “Pabitin” is a traditional wedding ritual, where sponsor usually hang money as gifts to the newlywed couple.

Generous Sponsors

According to Mc Kevin, the host and singer of the wedding and the one who uploaded the photos on Facebook, he was astonished by the generosity of both the principal sponsors and the other guests, who filled the pabitin with money and wore it on the couple.

photo courtesy of Facebook/ Mc Kevin

In fact the pabitin was so long it looked like a flowing gown of the bride, while the groom wore it like a crown of money. The thousand peso bills can be seen reaching the floor. The host even joked that guests got envious they started tagging their loved ones so they could get married too.

Netizens Reactions

The netizens expressed their approval and said it was not unusual for some areas for this to happen. A netizen remarked that in the province of Batangas, it is normal for sponsors to give extravagant gifts to the newlywed. Some even go to the extent of selling their animal livestock like pigs or cows just to follow this tradition.

Others said that some couple has wisened up and are now inviting many sponsors so that they can receive more gifts. Others prefer to choose rich sponsors, so they can be sure that these sponsors will give huge amounts of gifts.

Source: Facebook

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