Achievement Unlocked! Online Seller Achieves Newly-Built House Out of Online Selling For 5 Years

Online selling has been a trend for many businesses. Empowered with perseverance and hard work, anyone can be successful in this field. In this era, people used to shop and depend on online buying; hence, the higher the chance to earn huge. One Facebook netizen shared her success story from online selling. 

Success Story of a Rakitera 

Car Li Ta took to Facebook her inspiring success story of being an online seller. She posted photos of her newly-constructed house, which she earned for five years. Armed with hard work and diskarte, together with her partner, they got the house they can call their own.

Car Li Ta considers the house as a birthday gift for herself for being “babaeng walang pahinga.” She sells RTWs online. 

Down The Memory Lane 

The woman recalls how hard life is for them a few years back. She took the memory lane where stress, failures, financial problems, and emotional breakdowns are present in their life.

Until the windows and doors of opportunities and blessings have opened up for them. Car Li Ta glorified God for pouring them with blessings. Her advice to hardworking online sellers like her,

“Lage niong Tatandaan Walang nakakahiya sa Pagiging Tindera at Rakitera! Nandito ang Tagumpay Basta magtyaga ka lang💖 Mahalin mo ang Ginagawa mo Magiging Madali sayo ang Lahat😉”

One Goal Down, More To Go 

Inspired Car Li Ta serves as an inspiration to many aspiring online sellers. May her story be proof that hard work pays off and prayers ate heard. The successful “tindera” says, 

“Always keep your feet on the ground para lalo ka ibless ni Lord.” 

Car Li Ta shared that the house is just the first achievement she got out of her business. There are more to go, and she seems more inspired to work more. 

Isn’t Car Li Ta’s story inspiring? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: Trending Ni Juan

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