Three Days of Water Shortage In Bulacan Causes This Man To Use Lemon Softdrinks For Toilet Use

The country has been experiencing water problems lately. People are getting impatient as to when the government will make a full resolution about the crisis. The Angat Dam today is now on a critical level which dictates precautionary measures from water companies. Water shortage causes service interruptions to many parts of Metro Manila. 

Problem Solved

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan is one of the gravely affected cities of water shortage. It’s been days since people from the area experienced a good flow of water in their faucet. Leaving them with no choice, some finds ways on how to make resolutions for the problem.

No Water, No Problem

Facebook netizen, Carlos Delos Santos posted a video which trends all over social media. The man in the video can be seen opening up bottles of lemon softdrinks then pours in a bucket. He is identified as Orlando Delos Santos. According to Santos, the lemon drinks are meant for toilet use in replace for water.

Sentiments poured in from the two pleading the water company to bring back the water service. Added to that, they have been dreading for water for three days now. 

Softdrinks For Toilet Use 

Pouring half of the bucket, Orlando then proceeds to the toilet, while Carlos throws jokes. Despite under serious problem, netizens find the video funny. They even urge to make a trade with softdrinks in exchange for water. 

Rainy Season

PAG-ASA recently announced that the country is now entering the rainy season. With that, it is a bit relief for everyone knowing that it could be of great help to pour the Angat Dam and return to its average level. In a way, this could be the answer to the water shortage that costs a lot of businesses. People are now looking forward to no cutting of water services since it is consistently pouring rain these past few days. 

Lemon soft drinks instead of water for toilet use, does it suffice? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: Definitely Filipino

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