6-Yr Old Kid Pleads Hospital Staff To Revive The Chick He Ran Over With Bike

Ever since we were kids, our parents taught us the right moral values. To say sorry and be responsible for our mistakes. One example is this viral kid who rushes a chick to hospital after he accidentally hit it. One may say that the kid’s innocence looks cute. But in an in-depth perspective, that’s the start of how you raise a responsible child. 

Viral Photo 

The 6-year old boy, Derek C Lalchhanhima rushed a chick in the hospital after he accidentally ran it over with his bike.

The viral photo shows the worried looks on the kid while holding the chick and an Indian rupee bill on the other. He is holding a 10-rupee bill which costs about 7 pesos. 

The Story Behind 

According to a Facebook netizen, Sanga says, 

“This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over his neighbor’s chicken. He took the chicken, ran to a nearby hospital and with all the money he had, asked for help.”

The Indian father, Dhiraj Chhetri recalls the day when his kid came home holding their neighbor’s chick. He was begging his parents to come along with him and bring the chick to the hospital. When his father told him to go all by himself, the kid really went out, bringing the chick and a 10-Indian rupee bill with him. 

A Compassionate Kid 

Medical staff from the hospital wasn’t able to help him out, which caused the kid to sob. Instead, the staff took a photo of the kid, which is now viral all over Facebook. The little boy then made vows to the chick that he will bring more money to help him. His parents explained to him that the chick has passed away and the hospital cannot revive it. 

It came to a surprise for Dhiraj, Derek’s father, seeing his kid having compassion and importance about life at a young age. 

What can you say about Derek’s act of compassion? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: Trends Zilla

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