A Couple Adopt A Child From China And Became Curios After Meeting Someone Familiar In The Neighborhood.

This couple adopted a Chinese girl and felt curious after meeting another child in the neighborhood that looks familiar.

Source: Good Times

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Staci and James Maneage had decided they wanted to adopt a child after having three biological sons together. The couple from Weldon Spring, Missouri caught wind of an orphan child who needed a forever home from China. Her name was Elliana.

Source: Good Times

Elliana who was 10 years old at the time, was diagnosed with a health condition related to brain disorders. Due to this fact, many prospective families have refrained from adopting the child and that made Staci and James want to help her even more, therefore, they decided that they wanted to adopt her.

Source: Good Times

It was not long before Elliana was welcomed into the Maneage family as she was promptly adopted and brought to Weldon Springs, Missouri. Staci and James did not realize that there was another family nearby who had decided to adopt a child from China as they have done. The other foster child’s name was Kinley.

What is interesting about 7-year-old Kinley was that she had the same brain disorder as Elliana.

Both families live near each other in the same neighborhood and the often go to the same church. After bumping into each other a couple of times, Elliana and Kinley became friends. Although they were both adopted from completely different parts in China, both of them have a lot in common including their facial features.

Furthermore, Elliana and Kinley had developed such a close bond that many would believe they were actually related. This had raised the curiosities of both sets of parents.

The families then agreed that they would take a sample of their daughter’s DNA and send it for testing. They were not expecting much as the probability of the two girls being biological siblings is next to impossible as they came from different parts of a country with over a billion people.

When they received the results, however, both sets of parents looked at each other with their mouths to the floor. The results confirmed that these two girls were siblings. They had 99.9% similarities in their DNA.

They were at a loss for words when the results showed that the two girls were actual biological siblings

It seemed as though fate had found a way to reunite these two long-lost siblings in a totally different country. What’s more is that they happened to be adopted by families who lived nearby one another and who happen to go to the same church where they would regularly bump into each other. What started out as a bond of friendship turned out to be a bond of two biological sisters.

Elliana and Kinley were already as close siblings before they knew the results of the test

Their story is remarkable, isn’t it?

The story is originally from Good Times.


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