Jeepney Driver Earned Praised From Netizens After Giving All Senior Citizen Passenger Free Ride.

This jeepney driver earned praise from netizens after giving all senior citizen passenger a free ride.

If you think that all drivers are of no good, you are wrong. Due to the news, we often heard that involve drivers, it’s hard to believe that there are actually good drivers that do good deeds, especially for their passengers. Like this one particular jeepney driver who did a pretty inspiring deed to his senior citizen passenger that caught the attention of the netizens.

Shared of the Facebook page of Billy Crawford is the story behind the viral photo of a senior citizen inside a public jeepney was posted.

As stated on the viral Facebook post, the senior citizen was paying her fare when the driver asked her if she’s a senior citizen and who she’s with. When the passenger told him that she’s alone and that she’s a senior, the jeepney driver immediately returned the fare that confused her. When the passenger asked, the driver simply said that he does it to senior citizens.

Read their conversation below:

Lola: Bayad ho
Jeepney driver: Señior citizen ho kayo?
Lola: oho.
Jeepney driver: May kasama ho kayo?
Lola: wala ho
Jeepney driver: *returning back the money to the old lady* Wag na ho kayo magbayad

Lola: Ha? Bakit?
Jeepney driver: *smiling* Kung wala po kayong kasama kahit ilan pa kayong señior citizen dito sa jeep ko basta hindi kayo magkakilala, nililibre ko. Ang sarap kaya tumulong. Para pag tanda ko, meron din tutulong sa akin!

Meanwhile, another photo went extremely viral online wherein behind the seat of the driver, a cardboard along with the words: “SA LAHAT PONG SENIOR LIBRE NA PO KAYO”

As expected, netizens expressed their admiration and ended giving him recognition. As of this writing, the Facebook post has already garnered a total of 202k reactions from the netizens.

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