This Couple Already Has 13 Sons But They Will Not Stop Procreating Until They Get a Daughter!

Life is hard nowadays and lots of middle class couples are not so keen on having more than 2 or 3 children. Imagine paying for sky-high school tuition times three! But hardships will not stop this couple in Brazil from trying to have a baby girl even though they have 13 children already, all boys!

Ireneu Cruz, a 40-year old farmer, and his wife Jucicleide Silva, are proud parents to 13 sons, the oldest being 18 and the youngest just a month old. See, they thought that the 13th baby would be a girl, 13 as a lucky number, but it turned out to be another boy. The couple vows to try again until they get a baby girl!

The couple also had an agreement: the husband will name all the boys and the wife will name the girls. So this means Jucicleide hasn’t had any chance to name even one of their children it. Ireneu is a big football fan, so he named their sons after the players that he admires.  The youngest one is named Ronaldo. Go figure. The couple made their sons play football with the village football team during weekends.

Jucicleide admits that life can get tough with so many kids but she stressed that nobody ever goes hungry in the family.

Watch the video below to see the Cruz’ big family!

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