This Man Bought A Wooden Cabinet In A Garage Sale And Heard Strange Noise Inside, Then Found A Secret Compartment!

Emil Knodell, a 67-year-old man from Texas bought a wooden cabinet at a garage sale. Little did he know, he will stumble upon a fortune.

According to Good Times, the cabinet has a marble top and wooden finishing. When he was told that the cabinet was actually 125 years old, Emil got even more excited because he is maybe among those guys who appreciates antique furniture.

The garage sale had started for three days but apparently, no one bought the cabinet yet so the seller lowers the price to US$100.

Emil, on the other hand, thinks that was a pretty good deal so he decided to buy the cabinet. He was captured by the marble top which made it very easy to clean and the cabinet had a finely carved pattern, a beautiful paint finish and made from a high-quality wood.

Hiring a truck, Emil picks up his cabinet. Moments later, they heard some rattling sounds coming from the cabinet’s drawer. They examined the cabinet to find the source of the rattling.

When they opened, they saw a compartment was filled with jewelry, diamonds, money as well as old antique items dated back from the civil war. Apart from these jewelry items, the antiques were also expensive. Emil was very surprised with what he discovered.

Initially, Emil did not know what to do. So after thinking and pondering for some time, he decided to contact the seller. His reason was that the item he bought was just the wooden cabinet, not the contents of the cabinet. So he decided to return the contents to the seller. Emil’s act of returning these antiques and jewelry items was praised by the seller.


To express his gratefulness, the seller decided to give part of the findings to him as a reward but Emil said that he would not accept items that do not belong to him

Emil said that if he took things for granted, he would feel uneasy for the rest of his life. It turned out that the cabinet belonged to the seller’s grandparents and he had no idea that such a secret compartment existed. Thanks to Emil, the seller now repossess his family’s inheritance.

This article is originally from the Good Times.

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