60-Year-Old Woman Miraculously Got Pregnant After 20 Years Of Attempt, Husband Abandoned The Family.

This 60-year-old woman got pregnant after 20 years of trying but his husband abandoned the family.

For this woman, 2o years of waiting wasn’t a problem at all. After 20 painful years of trying so desperately to hear a baby’s cry, she eventually got pregnant.

At the age of 60, Atifa Ljajic got pregnant but unfortunately, her husband, Serif Nokic, 68, changed his mind only after hearing the baby’s first scream. The man decided to step back from the fatherhood and left his wife.

What would the woman do now?

According to MetDaan, Atifa Ljajic and her partner Serif Nokic have spent 20 years trying to conceive. As her 60th birthday was coming, Atifa almost gave up hope of having children. Then, doctors told her she was finally expecting a baby after her fertility treatment. It has been reported that the couple used an anonymous sperm donor for her treatment. She was considered a high-risk pregnancy and spent her last three months at the hospital. Atifa fulfilled her dream when she successfully gave birth to the healthy baby girl.

She said to the media:

“I knew it would be a big risk at my age, but my only wish in my life was that I have a child, and it happened to me. I was not afraid of my life at all, God gave me courage. I have never felt better.”

Serif Nokic decided to leave her on the day the baby arrived in Novi Pazar, in western Serbia’s Raska District. This happened after he heard the baby crying in the maternity ward. He supposedly said that he was just too old to put up with the baby’s crying. Serif told Atifa that newborn daughter Alina would keep him up at night with her crying.

“She got what she wanted, now she is happy,” he said to the media.

Serif further explained that it would be just risky for his health and for Atifa who has also health issues including high blood pressure. However, she is ready to take the full responsibility to raise her daughter alone.

The little angel, Alina, will not be carrying his last name as he refused to have her registered as his daughter. Atifa works in a textile factory and is determined to raise her daughter by herself, although she has little money.

Atifa has a cousin named Rasim Ljajic, the Minister of Trade and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, but says she has no relatives who can help her.

Atifa said:

“Whatever happens, whether Serif stays or leaves, I will fight to raise Alina the best way I can and to put her on the right way. I will live only for her. I know that it will not be easy but I still believe there are good people who will want to help me.”

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