This Man Was Worried After Seeing His Gold Arowana Won’t Open Its Mouth While Feeding It. But He Was Almost Fainted After Opening Its Mouth And Found What’s Inside!

With scientific name scleropages formosus, Arowana is one of the ancient fishes that survived and preserved up to this day. It is part of the Asian beliefs that this fish considered as ornamental fish brought fortune.

According to Good Times, Arowana has existed 2.9 billion years ago. This fish swims slowly yet steadily and elegantly. Many were amused by this fish. As this fish is covered with golden glittery color that means beauty and wealth, it is very expensive too.

One man went to a pet shop and was stunned the way Arowana swims so he decided to purchased it.

When he put the Arowana into the aquarium, he noticed something weird. He observed that the fish won’t open its mouth. The fish usually uses its mouth to breath that’s why when he sees it, he panicked.

Worried that this expensive fish will pass away, he decided to open its mouth for inspection.

When he opened its mouth, he was surprised that there was a small group of tiny fishes came out of the mouth.

At first, he thought that this was only leftover fish foods he feeds to Arowana. But after looking closely and digging out information on the internet, he found out that these tiny little fishes turned out to be golden Arowana.

The man never thought of getting a dozen free fish after purchasing this expensive Arowana. He was definitely shocked and happy.

This will give the man a good gain when these small fishes grow up. Good fortune huh!

Watch the video below:

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