Man Punches A Winter Melon And Made Three Holes. He Got Laughed By His Friends But Little Did They Know, This Will Give Him Good Profit!

This man punches a winter melon and made three holes. He got laughed by his friends but little did they know, this will give him a good profit.

A man got teased and laughed by his friends after punching a winter melon and doubted on its use. Surprisingly, his friends have no idea that he could make a good profit out of it.

You might be also wondering how. Check out his method below to see how he can capture something delicious by using this magic melon.

Here’s the method:

1. The first thing this man making a cut on the winter melon. Then, he carves three holes and inserts a colander or a funnel-shaped net to each hole. He also binds the colander with steel wire so it does not fall. This creative man pierced both ends of the winter melon with bamboo sticks.

After he made this, he then put it into the river. Half an hour later, when he pulls out the bamboo stick, clearly as you can see, the winter melon actually acts as a trap for freshwater lobster or crayfish.

The young man said that he can earn a lot of cash in one day using this method. This creative idea can be followed and use by other young men in the village to earn and venture into this field.

Sometimes, the weirdest idea could actually enable us to earn money or made us popular. There’s no harm in trying or nothing lose if we try this right?

What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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