Viral Post Of An Abandoned Baby Found In The Hospital’s Comfort Room, Breaks The Heart Of Netizens!

This video and photo of an abandoned baby found in the hospital comfort room break the heart of the netizen.

A concerned citizen named Rosalyn Pangilinan took to Facebook to plead for help and expressed her dismay upon finding an abandoned child in the hospital’s comfort room.

In her post, Pangilinan asks fellow users to help share the photo of the child who was left on the toilet’s floor along with a bag and some clothes.

According to the concerned netizen, the child was left by her father in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in East Avenue, Quezon City. She narrated how she saw the child being carried around by his father. Pangilinan also shared that the shirt used to cover the abandoned child was worn by his father earlier.

Pangilinan recalled how she first went to the comfort room after which she asked her son to accompany him to a store in the hospital. When they returned, she found the man’s child on the floor of the same comfort room she used, along with a black bag and his father’s red shirt.

The netizen suggested that the father should have left the child in a legal manner if he no longer wanted to take care of his child. She then asked fellow netizens to share her post in hopes that it will reach the child’s parents.

Read the original post below:

As of writing, the post has been shared more than 4,000 times and has garnered over 6,100 reactions. No update has been yet posted regarding the status of the child.

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