Story Of A Father With No Legs Lifting Heavy Sacks To Make Ends Meet For His Children, Inspires Many!

This father only proves that disability can’t hinder someone to earn money, especially for his or her loved ones.

Nothing in this world can compare to a parent’s love. They always make sure that their children are safe and well-provided to the point of sacrificing their own happiness. Some of them decided to go abroad or work overseas, overcoming the feeling of homesick and being away from their family just to acquire money to give them a comfortable life. This is the beauty of parenthood, loving unconditionally and selflessly. Just like this father who work hard, despite his disability, for his children.

The story of this father of four from the Philippines was posted on the Facebook page ‘Music for Jesus’. In the post, it was narrated the father’s hard work to make ends meet and to provide for his children despite his disability, ‘NO LEGS’.

He was seen lifting heavy sacks on his shoulders though he only has crutches to support himself. He is an amazing image of patriarchal who will do everything just to makes sure that his family is fed, setting aside his disability and work hard for his beloved children.

However, the whereabouts of the exemplary father wasn’t mentioned in the post. But we hope that this post will give realization to children to appreciate everything their parents do for them and to people to realize that parenthood is not an easy job.

We might not see or witness how our parents work or what they do for us. Nonetheless, we still need to appreciate and be grateful for what they are doing because for sure, that for our own good and future.

If you seldom thank, kiss or hug your parents, do it now. Show them how thankful and grateful you are for them!

Congratulation to all the parents! Kudos to you Sir!

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