Young Schoolboy Apologizes To The Driver For Having No Enough Money To Pay The Fare But What Happened Next Will Make You Stunned!

A young schoolboy did not have enough money to pay the full fare and he apologized to the driver. But what happened next will surely make you stunned.

A story of a young schoolboy is now making rounds on social media who have no enough money to take a jeep for a ride to school. He sincerely apologized to the driver as he only had a coin in his hand. Wait until what happened next and it will surely capture your heart.

The said story was posted by a Facebook user named Jonee Canada.

According to the netizen, she was lucky to witness the touching incident first-hand although it only happened between a jeep driver and a young boy. Jonee was already in the jeep when she saw the boy walking towards the driver and apologized to him for not having enough money to pay for the ride.

He heard the boy saying, “Brother, this is just my fare” and the boy showed a five-peso coin (USD 0.096) to the driver.

Then the driver took a look at the coin in the boy’s hand and said, “Or is that all. Oh, CIA ride now…”.

He realized that the young schoolboy has no enough money to pay for the fare so instead of getting the 5 peso coin or ask the poor boy to get down, he just let the young boy took a free ride.

The boy was just too happy that he could take the jeep to go to his school. He did not stop saying thank you to the driver throughout the ride.

“Toto, you have five pesos for you and study if it’s good, okay,” the jeep driver gave an advice to the young boy.

“Don’t quarrel with a classmate,” he added.

The netizen witnessed the heartwarming incident and decided to share it on Facebook in hopes that it would inspire other people.

This simple act of generosity captured the attention of the netizens and ended up praising the driver. Indeed, a little kindness is big enough for those in need. How inspiring to hear stories like this. Do you agree?

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