“Mahal ko to kahit sampung unli rice kayang itumba neto”: Woman Shared How Proud She Is Of Her ‘Big’ Boyfriend.

Love covers all mistakes and imperfections of a person and that is what true love really means. Regardless of color, race, nationality or size, what is important is the love between two people that will enable them to withstand the test of time and fight for their love until the end.

Recently, a woman went viral on social media after posting how proud she is on her plus size boyfriend.

One Facebook user named Abegail Inducil Apostol shared a photo with her plus size boyfriend paired with a caption that explains why she truly loves her boyfriend.

She captioned the post that read:

“Hindi ako nag boyfriend para ipanlaban ng papogian ng jowa sa mga kaibgan ko. Mahal ko to kahit hindi ko sya mayakap ng buo. Mahal ko to kahit sampung unli rice kayang itumba neto. Mahal ko to kahit hindi ako mahabol sa takbuhan. Mahal ko to. Mahal na mahal. Masakit man na parang iba yung tingin samin ng mga tao, Proud prin ako sa boyfriend ko. Kaya sa mga nangmamata samin, haynako mamatay kayo sa inggit.”

(I did not go into a relationship to make my boyfriend compete with others in terms of being handsome. I love him even though I cannot hug him fully. I love him even though he can eat 10 cups of rice in one sitting. I love him even if he can’t chase me when I’m running. I love him. So much love. It hurts me everytime people look at us indifferently but I am still proud of my boyfriend. So to all those who judge us well, you can now die from jealousy - Translated)

As expected, the said post went viral immediately and still making rounds on social media.

At the end of her post, the proud girlfriend encouraged those all the plus size people to not lose hope as the someone planned by God for them is coming, all they have to do is to remain patient and wait for the perfect time.

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Source: Trendzilla

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