Story Of A Young Girl Who Does Her Homework On A Pile Of Bricks Because Of One Inspiring Reason!

This young girl chose to do her homework on a pile of bricks because of one inspiring reason.

In our earlier years in school, we usually play with friends or take a rest after school or every weekend. After a long week of studying and waking up early, we always find time as a kid to meet up with friends or to relax at home. While most young kids still do it, this 11-year-old Chinese girl spends her time after school at a construction site.

Xiong Jing, a primary school student from Suichuan county, spends the weekend with her parents at their workplace who both work as bricklayers by trade. Instead of playing or staying at home, she is seen doing her homework in the midst of noise and busy surroundings. Her father, Xiong Jiangu, and mother, Zhang Yulan, live in the southwestern part of China in Jiangxi province.

As you can see in the photos, Xiong is studying while sitting on a “chair” improvised from bricks. Her photos went viral on the web and caught the attention of many on Chinese social media users.

According to a source, the young girl decides to be with her parents at the construction site instead of playing with friends when there is no school. It also came to the point where the young girl carries her books with her so she can study while her parents worked. Her father made an improvised table, made of stacked bricks.

Many netizens were reminded of their own childhood experiences while others pointed out that Xiong was still blessed that she wasn’t forced to work at an early age.

Read some of the comment of netizens below:

“Although I wasn’t born into a rich family, this reminds me a lot of my good old happy times.”

“Compared to those who live in a hillside and have to cross the mountain, she is lucky enough that she doesn’t have to help build roads!”

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