Waiter Rejected The Request Of This Mother For Her Child. Later, He Was Sorry For What He Did!

This rude waiter denied the request of this mother for her child and later regretted his behavior.

In this world full of judgmental and mean people, we should expect that there will be people who will treat us unkindly or bad. On the other hand, we will also be treated by people based on the way we treat them. As the bible says, ‘Do unto others what you want them to do to you’. In short, treat people the way you want them to treat you.

A little ounce of kindness will never be wasted and respecting people always produce a good outcome. Always remember that what goes around comes back around, so, our actions will be repaid in proportion. Read the story below:

A young mother went to the fast food restaurant along with her child. The woman wants to buy a drink for the kid. However, she was disappointed that the restaurant only has carbonated drinks like Coke and Sprite which are not advisable for toddlers.

Then, the young mother looked around the restaurant and found a water fountain. She thought that water would be fine for her child to drink instead. She then approached a waiter and requested a glass of water.

“Do you have a glass then?” the waiter asked.

She was shocked when the waiter asked that so she quickly apologized and said, “Sorry, I do not have a glass.”

Upon hearing the lady’s reply, the waiter refused to let the woman drink from the water fountain.

But the woman replied, “Please, can I use the restaurant’s glass? I will pay for it.”

“My baby is really thirsty. Please,” she said.

The waiter then replied, “Why not you just buy one of the soft drinks?”

Then the waiter moved away to serve other customers.

Later that day, the young mother was joined by her neighbors for a small talk in their house. She then shared the incident and upon hearing the story, her neighbors were pissed off and vowed to not come to the restaurant anymore.

One of her neighbors was a teacher at a high school near the fast food restaurant and told her students to not go to the restaurant to avoid being served by the rude waiter. She said to her students:

“I think that it is best for you to not frequent the fast food restaurant.”

Then, the students also told their friends about the fast food restaurant and the rude waiter.

“It is better for us to no longer go to the restaurant.”

The next day, the restaurant opened as normal but hours had passed, it remained empty without its usual customers. Compared to previous days, the restaurant would be crowded with customers, especially students from the nearby high school. But now, there was no one.

Because of what happened, the restaurant decided to do promotions to attract customers with dine-in coupons and free gifts. Sadly,
they were only able to attract customers for a short time and the restaurant quickly became empty as soon as promotions ended.

As time goes by, many fast food restaurants and cafes appeared nearby the restaurant. Soon enough, the fast food restaurant went bankrupt. It only started with just a glass of water.

Hopefully, this will serve as an eye-opener for us to treat people kindly and equal.

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