Heart-Melting Picture Of A Young Boy Who’s Letting His Mother Use His Hand As A Pillow, Earned Praise From Netizens.

This wonderful picture of a young boy who’s letting his mom use his hands to be her pillow on the train melts the heart of many.

As the bible verse says, “Train up the child in the way he should go. And when he grows up, he will not depart from it.” Indeed, parents are responsible for teaching and disciplining their children a valuable lesson that will shape them into a better person when they grew up.

Surprisingly, there are times when these blank slates of the social norms of our society tend to show kindness more than those adults who are already taught to do so. A great example of that is incident happened in Chengdu, China aboard the Chengdu Metro Line 2.

Source: GoodTimes

A young boy has seen showing kindness and compassion as he lends his hand to be his mother’s pillow while inside the train.

According to GoodTmes, a fellow passenger who had witnessed the whole scene told Shanghaiist that the boy was initially sitting next to his mother on the train. He then got up and offered his seat to a lady with a stroller and proceeded to stand by his mother. Seeing as his mother was exhausted, he held her pink handbag and offered her a hand, literally. He put his hand on the glass divider which acted as a makeshift pillow so his mother did not have to lean on the hard surface.

The little boy carried his mother’s things and offered his hand as a cushion for his mother to lay on.

Source: GoodTimes

The said picture was posted on a Chinese blogging site called Weibo and has since gone viral. This heartwarming scene has been liked by over 180,000 people and received over 18,000 comments praising the child for his selflessness.

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