Beautiful Malaysian Student Sells Ice Cream On Motorbike To Help Her Father, Admired By Many Netizens.

This beautiful Malaysian student sells ice cream on the streets using a motorbike to help her father.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We always say that a person is beautiful when he or she looks good on the outside like wearing fancy clothes, fashionable or having a good posture. But is it enough to say that, when in fact, he or she on the inside is the opposite? Let’s think of that!

Recently, a 22-year-old Malaysian student caught the attention of the netizens not just because of her looks but doing an admirable thing. Noor Syamimi Azhari has been selling ice cream while riding a motorcycle in the streets of Langkawi island, Malaysia.

This biology student from the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) graduated her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or secondary education four years ago. And now, the motorcycle-riding chic is selling ice cream. Noor Syamimi Azhari said that her father supports her with his ice cream business. She also shared that she was not ashamed to fill her father’s shoes during her semestral break.

She uploaded photos and videos of her selling ice cream while riding a motorcycle in the streets of Langkawi Island and it went viral. Two days after it was posted, the video garnered more than 18,000 times and people started to tagged her as “Si Cantik Penjual Aiskrim” or ‘Beauty Sells Ice Cream.’

When asked if what does she feel about her online fame, she said that she at first feel awkward but she looks at it positively because it could help her father’s business. She was grateful for the positive and uplifting comments of people especially those who are willing to extend support.

Watch the video below:

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