Vic Sotto’s Grandchildren, Proved That Being Born Into A High-Profiled Family Is Not A Reason Not To Know House Chores.

This is how Vic Sotto’s trained her grandchildren to do house chores.

If you’re one of those people who think that the children born to celebrity parents are all privileged and spoiled, flushes the toilet with their foot, or even suggest that their parents don’t teach them, you are wrong.

Let the grandchildren of Bossing Vic Sotto convince you otherwise.

Aside from encouraging them to lend a hand in keeping their homes tidy, but they also actually seem to enjoy helping out, as evidenced by their parents’ proud Instagram posts.

For instance, Kaleb, the third child of Oyo Sotto with Kristine Hermosa, has come to be known as the “family’s little helper.” Apparently, he enjoys sweeping the floors and even washing the dishes.

Kaleb’s elder brother, 8-year-old Kiel, also helps out in keeping his parents’ business, K’s Cafe neat and orderly.

The couple’s only girl, 6-year-old Ondrea, is also an independent little one

“My ate’s being independent. i love you! And mama’s so proud of you,” Kristine wrote as a caption to Ondrea’s photo where she is peeling a hard-boiled egg all on her own.

Meanwhile, Vic Sotto’s eldest, Danica Sotto also has children who are helpful at home, Mic and Caela are also dependable with house chores.

A series of photos of the whole family cleaning the bathroom was uploaded by their father, basketball player Marc Pingris on his Instagram, and he said it was their family’s bonding activity. Netizens expressed their admiration through comments.


It seems these children got their good manners and helpful nature from their grandfather. An impressive photo of Vic Sotto cleaning the family pool himself was uploaded on Instagram, and he said helping in the cleaning is also part of his workout.

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