This Young Girl Was Drove Out By His Wealthy Father Out Of Their House. One Day, Her Father Appeared Outside Her House As A Beggar And What She Did Next Will Surprise You!

During the Qing Dynasty (1647-1683), a tycoon named Jin Shan lived in a village called Xia Chuan in Yunnan. The tycoon lived joyfully with his nine sons and a daughter. But Jin Shan is so arrogant because of his riches. One day, he asked this question to all his children:

“My children, who gave you all this wealth?”

All his sons replied that all the wealth they have been living through came from their one and only rich father. Xiao Mei, his only daughter, did not agree with them. She claimed that she managed to live her life on her own. The conceited father then drove out her daughter from the house upon hearing those words. Then, Xiao Mei left the village without knowing where to go.

She rode her horse without any clear direction to go and just followed the horse by letting it go wherever it goes. Later, Xiao Mei arrived into a yard of a small house, only lived by a mother and her son working as a farmer.

Knowing she still has not found any place to go, she gathered the courage to ask them for a permission to stay in the house for just one night. Both confused, they asked the lady the reason for her stay. She became emotional and tears started streaming down her eyes while telling them what happened to her. They both felt sorry for what happened to her and so invited Xiao Mei to stay together with them for as long as she wanted to.

Many days have passed, Xiao Mei married the son, Li Ming. They both work hard to make ends meet and a year later, their marriage brought forth an adorable baby boy.

One day, when Xiao Mei and Li Ming were not at home, an old man came begging for money in front of their house. Xiao Mei’s son was the only one at home that time. Curious, he asked that old man:

“Why do you become a beggar? Don’t you have any children to look after you?”

The beggar said:

“I have nine sons and one daughter but all of my sons and daughters-in-law are too lazy to work and they only like to spend all of my money. When I have nothing left, they abandoned me alone.”

“I have a daughter but I was so cruel back then because I have forced her out of my house and now I have no clue of where she is. I feel regretful with what I have done,” added the beggar.

Xiao Mei and her husband came home from work and soon learned that the old beggar turned out to be her biological father. She has no strength to hold her emotions and kept crying looking at her father.

Jin Shan felt ashamed when he realized that the house was actually his daughter’s. He immediately left but was stopped by Li Ming and his mother. They lived happily together with Jin Shan but he became ill and eventually passed away.

On Jin Shan’s funeral, his nine rebellious sons did not attend their father’s funeral, but the only child who was devoted to her father until his last breath was Xiao Mei.

This serves as a lesson, especially for children to be kind and devoted to both of their parents despite any circumstances.

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