12-Year-Old Thai Makeup Artist Bought A BMW As A Birthday Present For Herself.

This 12-year-old Thai makeup artist bought a BMW as a birthday present for herself.

Natthanan, a 12-year-old Thai makeup artist went viral after purchasing a luxury car as a special gift for herself on her birthday.

At the age of 3, she fell in love with makeup and now, she’s one of the youngest makeup artists in the world. When she was 7, she began studying professional courses and since then, she posted her makeup tutorials on social media. Her skills wowed many netizens and thousands were impressed.

2018 was her year as she was selected to work at the London Fashion Week and even starred in a BBC feature. This gave her a chance to work with supermodels and other stars. At the age of 11, she was the youngest professional makeup artist in that event.

Last April 8, Natthanan shared on Facebook the gift she had given herself for her 12th birthday. It was a brand new BMW sedan!

“Happy birthday to me. This year, I will be 12 years old. I’m thankful for everything I have so far. Thank you for always following and encouraging me. I love everyone very much. Thank you for all the blessings. May everyone be blessed, too.”

The 12-year-old Thai makeup artist became an inspiration to the aspiring and young makeup artist. She proves that success has no specific age, it is a product of passion coupled with determination and hard work.

She has nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, 282,000 subscribers on YouTube and a million followers on Facebook as of writing.

When you were at her age, what do you do and what have you bought with your own money?

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