Senator Manny Pacquiao Blessed An Ice Cream Vendor Who Had Stroke With Money And Offers Him A House And Lot!

Manny Pacquiao and his team were one day waiting for their vehicle in General Santos City. Jen Manilay, one of his companion that day bought an ice cream bar from an old vendor. She recognized that he’s the same vendor who was selling at the building she is working at.

She bought 10 ice cream bars and gave one to Pacquiao. The Pinoy boxing champ realized that the vendor was old and he immediately told Manilay to call the old man.

The old vendor was shocked when Manilay called him and introduced to Pacquiao. Then, the boxing champ immediately gave him P3,000. While talking with the old man, Pacquiao found out that the old vendor has three kids. Sadly, they are not able to go to school because the money was spent on the medical bills as he recently had a stroke.

The generous senator-boxer added P30,000 to his initial gift to the old vendor. We can say that Pacquiao admired the dedication of the ole man for he’s still selling despite his condition.

We all know that Pacquiao wasn’t born in a well-off family and poverty is not a surprise to him. He definitely understands how does it feel to have nothing. He also assumed that the old vendor didn’t have a house, thus, he asked where he was living.

The ice cream vendor told Pacquiao that he and his family are just renting. So Pacquiao told the old man that he’s giving him a house and lot the following week. Yes, you heard it right!

The man was shocked to what Pacquiao told him and obviously became emotional. With tears in his eyes, he kept thanking Pacquiao for the blessings he received.

It was truly a lucky day for him! And big thanks to the kindness and generosity of Manny Pacquiao!

Watch the video below:

a heartwarming afternoon today. surely, SEN MANNY PACQUIAO is such a good and humble man. while mp is waiting inside his car, i called manong ice cream as he passed by to buy ice cream. sobrang init kanina. and i realized it was manong na lagi ko binibilhan pag npapadaan s building kng san ako ngttrabaho. i bought 10pcs of ice cream and gave 1 to mp. and mp suddenly said "tawagin mo c manong". ngulat c manong ng sinabi kong may papakilala ako sknya at isang manny pacquiao ang kanyang nkita. binigyan c manong ng 3k. and later on.. konteng usap with manong.. may 3 anak sya at di pa nkakapag enroll. and recently had a stroke.naawa c mp.. binigyan ng 30k. and question follows from mp "san ka nkatira?" manong is renting a house daw sa bula. and mp suddenly said… "ngrerenta ka? next week bibigyan kita ng bahay at lupa" c manong parang nananaginip at mangiyak ngiyak s pasasalamat. today is surely a blessing. may pambili n ng gamot c manong. hindi narin mhihirapan mgtinda ng ice cream in a very sunny afternoon dahil binigyan nrin nmin c manong ng trabaho s goldenstate. see you again next week manong lino… at s bago mong bahay at lupa. in this video, we are telling him where he can meet us by next week. imedyo maingay at mgulo lang dhil na excite kmi for manong. 😊 ill upload kadugtong ng video nto. "FOR EVERYONE WHO EXALTS HIMSELF WILL BE HUMBLED, AND HE WHO HUMBLES HIMSELF WILL BE EXALTED" -Luke 14:11

Posted by Jen Manilay on Sunday, May 27, 2018

the continuation…

Posted by Jen Manilay on Sunday, May 27, 2018

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