Car Owner Refused Compensation After Fish Vendor Couple Unintentionally Scratches His Luxury Car

    Car Owner Refused Compensation After Fish Vendor Couple Unintentionally Scratches His Luxury Car. (Source: Viral4Real)

It was everybody’s dream to own a luxury car like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Owners of this luxury cars are extremely careful because a single scratch could cost thousands of dollars and nobody wanted to pay that for a single scratch.

    Lamborghini (Source: Viral4Real)

A fish vendor couple experienced their greatest nightmare after they unintentionally “kissed” a parked Lamborghini. The couple pleaded with the owner after they realized that what they hit was an expensive car.

    A fish vendor couple unintentionally “kissed” a parked Lamborghini. (Source: Viral4Real)

Seeing the picture, the couple’s car had more damage than the luxury car but they knew they were at fault. They pleaded with the owner if they can pay the repair by installment knowing how expensive the repair must be.

    Source: Viral4Real

Surprisingly, after the tycoon learned that the couple, who were both fishmongers have no insurance for their own car, he pardoned them and didn’t ask for any compensation. Instead, the kind-hearted owner asked for a simple favor, hey must promise to donate 3000 Thai Baht to a temple for 10 times as a compensation.

Source: Viral4Real

When the news went viral and reached out to the kind-hearted tycoon, he said:

Source: Viral4Real

”I do not want to brag that I am rich but the reason is I do not want this couple to compensate me for the damages caused to my car is because I want people to learn to forgive others. My car is very expensive and so what? If this accident was not done deliberately, shouldn’t we forgive others with an open heart?”

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