Ex-Wife Receives Her Fair Shares In A ‘Literal’ Way From Her Husband On All Their Conjugal Properties.

Marriage is a sacred union of two opposite gender. It is not something we commit ourselves today and later decides to get separated. For sure, there’s no perfect marriage and every couple is tested whether until when they would stand together.

Moreover, marriage is more than just about emotions. You can’t just unlove someone because you hate him or her at the moment. If that’s the case, I should say, it does not love after all.

Recently, a married couple faced a problem in the division of their conjugal properties.

A man from Germany has found a ‘funny’ solution to this situation in their separation. Goodwill breaks all their assets in two so that both of them receive a ‘literal’ fare shares of the properties.

All their conjugal properties were cut in half. What made it funnier is that all these “halfies” were posted for a deal on eBay by the man together with captions that are very the smart part. Check it out below:

“The car is quite well preserved for its age, but there are some signs of wear. In particular, half is missing”

“In my opinion, this conversion is the perfect solution for users who want to save space, but can not afford a MacBook Air”

“The wheel moves despite minor limitations, and the front brake engages perfectly”

“It’s the perfect phone for people who do not like to make calls”

“Unlike my ex-wife, I cannot say anything bad about the bed, really, have always slept well in it”

“The chairs are supper as an art installation”

“There’s no need for cuddling stuffed animals – for such things, there are affectionate co-workers”

“Watching TV alone is already depressing enough. The device is very compact and has several inputs, but am not sure whether they all work”

“In recent years, I’ve spent many beautiful evenings on this sofa with my woman. She did not find the evenings so beautiful, which is why my ex-wife now sits on another couch”

“Whoever wonders where the second half is may want to check with my ex-wife”

“I offer here, in my opinion, the best REM album… “Everybody Hurts” (how true !!!) and Nightswimming are the best passages on it yet”

Watch the video below:

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